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ASE Bundle Packages

ASE-certified technicians enjoy a real sense of accomplishment knowing they’ve ’made the grade.’ And along with gaining the respect of colleagues and increasing their earning potential, technicians with ASE credentials help instill customer confidence and improve the image of the repair industry as a whole.

To help you derive the greatest benefit from this study material and earn your ASE credentials, we have divided this content into separate parts. Since each of these parts or sections contains important information designed to help you pass the ASE certification test, we strongly urge you to read, listen and view the entire course and follow the sections in the intended sequence.

ASE Audio Bundle Package

A1-A8, and L1 Audio CD Bundle:
Item#ASE-A-Bundle $449.55

ASE Video Bundle Package

A1-A8, and L1 Video CD Bundle:
Item#ASE-C-Bundle $890.55

A1-A8, and L1 Video VHS Bundle:
Item#ASE-V-Bundle $890.55

ASE Booklet Bundle Package

A1-A8, and L1 Booklet Bundle:
Item#ASE-B-Bundle $269.55

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All rights reserved. Copyright 2018 Trans Point Media