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It's important to have the services of a good automobile repair shop for routine maintenance and those unexpected repair jobs that inevitably come up. A reliable shop can help prevent and minimize the expense of automobile repairs when and if they occur. In general we recommend giving attention to the following items when considering the services of our facility or another.

1) Be proactive: Automobile maintenance is an essential part of owning and operating a car. Car owners will inevitably need the services of a good shop at some point in the lifespan of a car. Given this reality it's a good idea to shop around to select a shop before your car actually needs service work. Knowing where to go in advance before there's an urgent need allows consumers to make an informed decision about the best facility to meet their needs.

2) Do your homework: There's so much information available online today than even non-mechanically inclined consumers can learn something about needed repairs, at least sufficiently to ask questions and understand the basics when talking to shop personnel. Know that automobile parts are one category of expense and labor is another. Be informed about rates and ask questions prior to authorizing the repair work.

3) Shop around: When first doing business with a repair shop it may be a good practice to shop around and compare not only prices but the qualifications of technicians and the business practices of the shop. Once you're comfortable with doing business with a shop and a relationship of trust is established then it's usually no longer necessary to shop around continuously. It's a good idea to continue asking questions about service and repair items as a generally recommended best practice for consumers.

4) Check experience and qualifications: Automobile technicians range from those with relatively little experience to master technicians. ASE certification is a level of certification that denotes proficiency at an advanced level. Numerous other qualifications and certifications exist. Most shops will be pleased to inform customers about the qualifications of their technicians.

Mile High Denver AR is one of the few shops in the country with multiple 'Master Elite' certified technicians in the same shop.

About Mile High Denver Auto Repair
Mile High Denver Auto Repair is a long-established auto repair and service center located in Denver, Colorado. The facility provides services for all makes and models of vehicles. Appointments are available though not required for most repairs and routine maintenance.

Auto Maintenance Tips for Informed Drivers