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Car Repair: A Serious Affair

Car repair is a serious task. You take your damaged vehicle to a repair shop; you explain what might be wrong with it and then return home and start worrying about the cost of the car repair services. Right? Finding a reliable and trustworthy car mechanic is as difficult as finding the right doctor for your family.

Trust & Reliability

While you are a looking for a car mechanic, you should look for two qualities-trust and reliability. Remember, you should avoid hiring someone who will take advantage of you and charge you a hefty amount for the poor services.

How to find the best mechanic? First, have a talk with your friends and family. Do they know a local mechanic? You can also check the online review sites to know about the mechanics / auto repair shops.

After you have shortlisted the best repair shops operating in your area, visit the repair shop and let the mechanic know about the regular car problems you are experiencing every day. Do remember to ask questions to the mechanic about the services. If you have some other issues in mind, be sure to ask questions.

The Question / Answer Phase

  • Are You ASE Certified?

Any reputed and established repair shop must have posted it in their business website. If not, you can always ask them about their ASE certification. Having ASE certification is very important because it ensures you with quality service.

When a repair shop has an ASE certificate, it means that their business has passed all the business practices. If the shop isn't ASE certified, you should look for some other option.

  • Do You Specialize In A Particular Model?

Mostly, it's one of the most important aspects to consider before you choose a repair shop. Either you can check their website to know what they specialize in or see the sign board. If you are not sure about their services, you can also ask the mechanic.

A reputed car repair center will always let you know if they specialize in a particular model. This will help you to know the strength and weakness of the shop.

Do You Implement The Latest Technology?

To get the answer of this question, you should first check the mechanic's qualifications and training. Do the mechanics use the latest technology? Do they keep updates of the latest innovations and advanced features of the cars?

Finally, make sure that the mechanic you are choosing are from a reputed trade school or college.


Asking a few important questions can help you to save your money in the long run. Always get a written estimate from the repair shop before you choose them for repairs. Another important question to ask is if they charge on an hourly basis or charge on the basis of the repairs done.

An honest repair shop will always offer you with the best services to keep your vehicle in a flawless condition.

Minimizing Your Repair Bill With The Right Repair Shop