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The ASE certification or the Automotive Service Excellence, a way of distinction between incompetent and competent mechanics, was established in 1972. The ASE certification is awarded by the independent National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence to professional and trained motor repair mechanics or even to those who have firm knowledge about the various mechanical and electrical parts of an automobile. The main objective of the creation of this certification is to improve the quality of repairs of vehicles and automobiles. Having an ASE certification at your hands ensures it that you have proper know-how of the various working parts of the automobile. It guarantees the customers that the mechanic having the certificate has sound base and complete knowledge about his vehicle, be it the engine or simple braking mechanism.

To obtain an ASE certification there are more than 40 exams depending for each and every specialization. For example specializations like heavy and medium truck, collision repair technicians, school bus, as well as parts specialists, engine mechanist and so on, have different exams of each. It is entirely up to the candidates as to how many tests he wants to clear. If the applicant passes at least one of the existing tests and if he has at least two year relevant work experience in this field, he / she becomes an ASE certified technician but will have to renew the certificate after 5years. Though some of the tests can be taken online, majority of the tests are in the traditional method of using paper work. Motor cyclists will also be benefitted from this certification as it gives them the knowledge and the skill authorized to repair their specialized parts.

Talking about the study guides, there are many comprehensive guides readily available in the market. The most notable among them is the Car and light truck guide launched by motorAge. These eight self study practice series prepares an individual for the ASE certification. The guide series are of excellent quality and are written in a lucid way. If the guide series is thoroughly studied and if hard labor is done from your side, there isn't anything which may stop you.

Understanding ASE Certification