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Once you buy a new vehicle for yourself, you can't let it just sit around between trips. You have to take care of it, like you would do for anything else of value. A car needs proper maintenance and you must learn about basic auto repair before getting started. For example, your car may break down, and in case of an emergency, you must know what to do. There won't always be an ASE certified technician at hand to help you out.

There are many automobile technicians who gladly help out their customers with a few tips on basic repairing processes. There are a few terms that you must get acquainted with in case you have decided to do your bit of research on this topic. Some of them have been listed below to help you out:

o Air Pumps: this device allows the entry of air into the exhaust system of the car-basically it aids in emission control. The catalytic converter re-burns the pollutants in the exhaust.

o Air Injection: this is also a method of controlling car emissions. It helps by injecting air into all the exhaust ports present in the engine. Fresh air enters the exhaust which leads the remaining fuel to get burnt before exiting the tailpipe.

o Ball Joint: present in the form of a bendable coupling in the car's suspension. It connects the steering knuckle to the control arm and it derives its name from the ball and socket kind of construction. There are some which do not require to be oiled at all, whilst others need a bit of lubricant once in every six months. When there is any trouble with this joint, there is a recurrent problem of suspension noise and misalignment of wheels.

o Bakelite: a plastic insulator that is also heat resistant, used primarily in printed circuit boards.

o Ball bearing: a hardened bearing with inner and outer faces, between which there are balls of hardened steel.

o Carburetor: allows combustion by mixing air and fuel in proper quantities, and is placed on the intake manifold of the vehicle's engine.

o Chassis: a rather generalized term for all the mechanical structures of the car. For example in cars that have unitized construction, every part but the body forms the chassis.

o Caliper: a hydraulically driven device which contains around two brake pads and one piston. This number may vary from car to car.

o Choke: this is placed near the carburetor and it constrains the flow of air. It is usually moveable.

o Condenser: this is present in the air conditioning system of the car and acts like a radiator. It is also applicable to a device that controls voltage surges.

o Spindle: The constituent on which the hub and wheel bearings are placed.

There are few other terms such as valve job which refers to the reconditioning of engine vales. And an injector is a device solely structured for the purpose of receiving metered fuel.

In case you would like to expand your automobile related knowledge feel free to consult your mechanic or automotive center to know more.

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